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21st Century Manufacturing Analytics: Building the Foundation of a Scalable & Sustainable Industry 4.0 Digital Transformation Program

Industry 4.0 or Digital Transformation; everyone is trying to figure out how to put together programs and approaches that will scale initially, and are sustainable while being able to accommodate new technologies and approaches in the future. 

It’s no wonder people are confused. 


The Manufacturing Leadership Forum™ delivers real-world insight from those who have successfully implemented digital transformation programs using manufacturing analytics within their organizations. 

Potential of Analytics in Industry 4.0

Keynote Presentation: 

Manufacturing is the original denizen of one of the cornerstones of Industry 4.0 – big data, creating and storing more data in a day than most companies do in a month. Unlike business data, few resources have been focused on unlocking and harnessing the value of manufacturing data. Dr. Colegrove will discuss how manufacturing analytics as a compelling first step to realizing the promise of Industry unlocking the full potential of that data.

Dr. Lloyd Colegrove | Dow

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Scaling Manufacturing Analytics For Actionable Intelligence – From SPC to Machine Learning

Keynote Presentation: 

Pro-actively monitor process stability and health with the manufacturing analytics to detect and respond to potential issues in real time before final product is affected is part of what Industry 4.0 promises to deliver. Albemarle Corporation will discuss how the organization moved from reacting and responding to problems after they impacted product quality to detecting and preventing issues. Mr. Alexander will discuss the challenges faced at his plant, the organizational and technical approaches to solving them, and the results of those efforts.  

Jonathan Alexander | Albemarle Corporation 

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Winning the Scalability Battle


More than ever, manufacturers must quickly adapt and respond as markets, technologies, ecosystems, and competitors change.  To do so, they have dialed up their efforts about how to leverage the vast amounts of data at their disposal to help address their business challenges in new, innovative ways.  Yet, many companies greatly struggle to understand, pilot, and then scale digital solutions.  At a time when organizations are emphasizing digital transformation execution and scalability, what factors separate those who succeed from those who struggle?

Topics discussed will include identifying and prioritizing projects, justifying a return on investment, investing effectively, and working with solution providers.​

Mark Sen Gupta | ARC Group

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Change Management to Drive Digital Transformation


There is high desire within the data analytics community to learn, embrace and use digital tools.  However, successful implementation across an organization requires a critical component often overlooked.  Culture.  This session will illustrate how culture impacts the desire to implement changes and what you can do to increase your chances of creating value through successful digital tool implementation.

 Debbie Rothe | Dow

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Navigating the Road(s) to Industry 4.0 & Digital Transformation


Seemingly each month a new technology is introduced into the market designed to help with the digital transformation journey of manufacturers. Each new technology is wrapped in the potential of impacting top-line growth, customer responsiveness, and new business models.


The factory of the future will undoubtedly rely heavily on many of those new technologies to deliver value. But critically, what cannot be lost among the bling of “the next new thing” is the potential of those technologies to drive performance losses into an enterprise by absolutely burying them in new data. Mr. Bauhaus will discuss the importance of analytics to drive value from the data generated by those new technologies.

Craig Bauhaus | Microsoft 

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Unique Approach + Real-time Analytics = Sustainable Success 
A BASF Use Case


It’s a familiar tale with a twist – a new role, and an inherited technology implementation project. There are a couple of ways for this to go, few of them good. Samuel Parra, Quality and Continuous Improvement Manager in the Refining Catalyst Division at BASF, will relate how taking a unique approach helped him overcome the odds of an inherited project to improve the quality of the plant and deliver value to the downstream processes.

Samuel Parra | BASF

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Round-table Discussions 

Plan to hit the ground running from the beginning with something that is going to deliver results immediately and ongoing returns in coming years. Start by joining our round table discussions.  Attendees will choose one topic for a deep dive conversation with leading experts.  Topics for this fall's Forum include: 


  • Getting Buy-in for Internal Success

  • Reverse Engineering the Problem – How to Plan a Successful Implementation

  • Operationalizing Advanced Analytics (ML, AI and Multivariate)


The Manufacturing Leadership Forum™ Agenda

 8:30 AM    Registration/Check In 

 9:00 AM    Welcome & Introductions

 9:15 AM    Keynote: Potential of Analytics in Industry 4.0
                  Lloyd Colegrove, PhD | Dow 

10:15 AM   Break

10:30 AM   Navigating the Road(s) to Industry 4.0 & Digital

                  Craig Bauhaus | Microsoft 

11:00 AM   Winning the Scalability Battle
                  Mark Sen Gupta | ARC Advisory Group

11:30 AM   Case Study: Unique Approach + Real-time Analytics =     

                  Sustainable Success
                  Samuel Parra | BASF

11:45 PM   Catered Lunch
12:45 PM   Keynote: Scaling Manufacturing Analytics for Actionable

                  Intelligence - SPC to Machine Learning 

                  Jonathan Alexander | Albemarle  

  1:45 PM   Change Management to Drive Digital Transformation
                  Debbie Rothe, PhD | Dow

   2:15 PM  Round-table Discussions 

   3:30 PM  Networking   





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The Manufacturing Leadership Forum™

This premier manufacturing analytics educational event, in its sixth year, focuses on enabling Industry 4.0 programs with manufacturing analytics. Each of the forums feature keynotes and case-study presentations from globally-recognized leaders in the application of manufacturing analytics. 

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