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Featured Speakers


Dr. Lloyd Colegrove | The Dow Chemical Company

Lloyd F. Colegrove, PhD, is the Director of Data Services and the Director of Fundamental Problem Solving in the Analytical Technology Center at the Dow Chemical Company. He began his Dow career in R&D in polymer science and quickly moved to improvement of analytical methodology in plant labs. While in a role as business quality leader for four business units, he embarked on his big data journey in manufacturing before the term big data came into use. He established the first applied statistics group in Dow manufacturing and developed the vision that is taking the company from merely collecting data to actively using data. Colegrove has more than 29 years of experience in chemical research and manufacturing. He holds a BS in chemistry and a PhD in chemical physics from Texas A&M University.


Jonathan Alexander | Albemarle


Mr. Alexander is a Technology Implementation for Competitive Advantage (TICA) Improvement Engineer for Albemarle’s Aluminum Alkyl plant in Pasadena, TX. He has made improving process quality and optimizing the production process his main goal by utilizing statistical process control and other analytical tools.  Through the implementation of the NWA software packages, quality within Albemarle has been taken to a new level by reducing out of spec material, improving yields, and driving increases in the operators’ process knowledge and understanding.   Providing the operators with unique process analytical tools and training has exponentially increased their ability to troubleshoot and solve routine process problems.  The process of transforming the operators into engineers has exponentially increased Albemarle’s ability to implement improvements not only during day shifts, but also during nights and weekends.